Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Idaho Vacation

This last weekend, our family traveled up to Idaho for Remy's Baby Blessing  and celebrated my birthday (posts to follow).  I was pretty nervous about our first road trip with Remy in the car, but he did surprisingly well.  He slept most of the time, and I was able to feed him and change his diaper when we filled up with gasoline. And even though he is less than two months old, we had to pack a TON of stuff for him.

We hadn't been able to see family for awhile, and for several members, this was their first time meeting Remy.  Some highlights of the trip include dinner at Ben's parents and dinner at Todd's house, Ben's brother.  At Ben's parents house one we watched the movie How To Train Your Dragon.  Although I didn't see all of it, due to several interruptions by my cute baby, the movie was great!  (On a side note, I swear that having a baby has shortened my attention span).   The next night, we had dinner at my brother-in-law Todd's house and it was my first experience eating antelope, and I have to say it was pretty tasty!  It was really fun to see Remy meet his cousins Case and Easton for the first time.

I'll admit with all the new surroundings, Remy was overwhelmed and much more fussy than usual, but he had some good moments as well.  Here, I was able to catch some big smiles one day during one his calmer moments:

Ben and I had a great time visiting, and we realize how much we miss our Idaho friends.  We have some AWESOME friends we wish we could hang out with more.  Maybe we'll get moved up there eventually so we can spend time with them!  For now, we miss you and love you!

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  1. Remy just gets cuter and cuter, doesn't he? That smile is adorable! Glad you guys got to spend some time in Idaho.