Thursday, January 12, 2012

She's Ready to Pop Baby Shower

We did a baby shower for one of the girls Laura Belk, back in October.  Melissa and I hosted the shower at my apartment, and Penny provided the theme, "She's Ready to Pop."  We wanted to incorporate the idea of a Girl's Night Out, so that we could get together and relax.  I got inspiration from here and here.  I liked the colors of blues and greens since she was having a boy, and I even used the same invitations.

We had a delicious Popcorn Bar!

We used the idea of air-popped, with butter topping, and a variety of seasonings.

Some of the different popcorn toppings

We had a few premade sweet popcorns to accompany to savory toppings:

 Penny made some Cake Pops that were delicious

 We also had a variety of toppings to add to the popcorn: 
Reese's Pieces, Peanuts, M&Ms, Candy Corn and Raisins.

 We also had a drink station, that included a beverage dispenser with water,
and a variety of soda.

We had each guest bring a decorated onesie to the party, along with a gift.  Then we made a game of having Laura guess which onesie corresponded to each guest.

My friend Nancy was in charge of the games, and they were a lot of fun.  We guessed how many candies were in a jar, as well as played the string game where we cut off a string the length that we thought was the circumference of Laura's belly.  The game that was perhaps the most fun was when we played Hot Potato with a diaper wrapped full of Whoppers.  We had so much fun the diaper became unwrapped during the process, and I found several Whoppers a few days later.