Monday, September 20, 2010

One Week Old

This is Remy at one week. He is still so small. Those pants that he is wearing are actually shorts, and yes they are Newborn size. They do look more like parachute pants than anything else. Isn't his shirt so cute though?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The New Addition

Ben and I are quite pleased to have welcomed a new addition to our family. In fact, several months ago, Ben labeled the baby's due date as "New Addition Due" on our calendar. We had a good laugh because it sounds more like a work project than an expected baby.

After nine months of waiting, our little boy Remington made his long-anticipated debut. All weekend I had contractions, but they weren't regular and lasted just long enough to make sure that I couldn't fall asleep. Finally Sunday, the contractions fell into a pattern and were long enough that Ben and I made the trip to the hospital around 10:30pm. We were admitted and I was already 3 1/2 centimeters dialated.

Last picture of me with my prego belly

Over the next several hours, the contractions got more and more painful and much closer together. I had planned from the beginning to labor unmedicated, so as we walked around the hospital I practiced the breathing techniques from our Lamaze class. However, my lack of sleep combined with nausea began to take a toll on me. The nausea medication didn't work, and after vomiting several times, the nausea began to interfere with my breathing techniques which made the pain much more difficult to manage. And, I still hadn't progressed much in my labor as I was only at 4 cm. So I knew it was time for another course of action and asked for an epidural.

And it really was the best thing ever, for me at least!!! I didn't need any Pitocin, and my water broke immediately after. I was able to doze and catch up on some much needed rest. I was able to relax so that the rest of the labor went smoothly and quickly and I dialated at about 1 cm per hour. It didn't even affect the ability to push, because as the baby got lower, I could feel the pressure of the contractions.

Sleeping like a baby

Husbands get exhausted too

My mom arrived just in time to be there for the Remy's birth. She traveled from Idaho, leaving at around 4:30 am and arriving just as I was at 10 cm dialated.

My mom and Ben were a big help during the pushing phase, which actually only took 50 minutes. My OB was out of town celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary, so another doctor delivered the baby. Everything went well and on Monday September 13, at 12:30pm, our baby made his debut, weighing in at 5 lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long.

You can see his slight conehead

I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was to hold my baby for the first time. As they handed him to me, I memorized every little feature and I felt like I knew my baby and could recognize him anywhere. His crying quieted down as soon as I started talking to him, and for the first time, I knew motherhood is truly a divine calling.

My hospital stay certainly has mixed reviews; there were excellent nurses and horrible nurses. And it is always debatable whether you are able to rest more at home or in the hospital. I was extremely upset when the nurses took Remy away the first time to take his vitals. He had low blood sugar, so they told Ben they needed to give him something right away, and didn't even discuss as an option returning him to me to feed. I guess it didn't matter much anyway, because he vomited up the formula afterward, but I was upset by the backhanded nature of the whole thing. I was, on the other hand, very impressed with the nurses that were supportive of breastfeeding. Because of Remy's low blood sugar, I was really worried when he wouldn't wake up to feed. One of the nurses though was very supportive and brought in a breast pump so that I could pump and finger feed the baby.

Other great hospital moments:

Ben's four foot couch/bed

Remy awake and alert

Remy and Daddy

And, finding out how exactly how big newborn clothes are

I was definitely ready to leave by the time the two days were up, and very excited to be going home with my new baby boy.

Family photo

Me, my mom, and Remy

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Remy's Room

As part of our Labor Day weekend, Ben and I decided to finish some projects around the house, including unpacking and fixing up the baby's room. With only 11 days left until my due date, I can finally say that we are ready for Remy's arrival.

I received the nursery decor and crib bedding set as a baby shower gift from my mother back in June. Since then, it's just been sitting around along with the rest of the baby stuff. We knew we were going to be moving so we put off buying quite a few things (less things to move), and never put anything together. I was so excited this week when I got to pull everything out and actually start decorating!! The only difficulty? Being eight and half months pregnant, I needed a lot of help from Ben. Good thing I got him a drill for his birthday. :)

Look how wonderful the crib looks:

I actually bought the crib and dresser used from the classifieds on The crib was in really good condition, but the dresser needed a little bit of work. Ben replaced all the sliders on the drawers so they pulled out smoothly. Also, as the dresser was missing some knobs, we replaced them. We picked out brown knobs to match the brown in the crib bedding and nursery decor. And we bought a brown curtain rod to hang the matching window valence.

I really wanted a comfortable nursing chair, and when Ben and I went to Ikea last, I fell in love with the Boliden chair. I decided at the last minute to go for the brown instead of the white, and I'm glad I did because I think it matches the rest of the nursery and won't show as much dirt. Also, notice the cute diaper stacker hanging on the wall.

We also had to include the futon in the nursery. I put the matching rug in front to tie the room together. You can also see the matching hamper just to the right of it.

Now, if I can just figure out what to do with the wall space above the crib and futon. Any ideas?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I am a little late getting this up on my blog, but with our recent move (packing and unpacking) and then finding our camera cord, it's lucky that this post even makes it on my blog at all.

Awhile ago, I received some Salt Lake Bee's tickets from one of our vendors at work. We changed our trash services at one of the properties we manage, and they offered us tickets as part of their "Customer Appreciation" day. I asked for enough tickets so that Brynn, Clayton, and Dee could go and bring their significant other. However, they all had other plans so I had six extra tickets. Ben then invited one of his coworkers Ryan and his family.

We had a great time! We took Trax up to the Bee's stadium, which in and of itself is an adventure. Ryan and his family took the Front Runner down from Ogden, which proved to be a special treat for his kids.

And then there was the game itself! We only stayed for about half the innings, because Ben had to work early the next day (6:30 Preshift is a killer), but the Bee's were neck and neck with the Portland Beavers when we left. They ended up winning though! Way to go Bee's!

My only complaint? The weather was really rainy/muggy and that combined with me not drinking enough water, was enough to cause my feet to swell up like sausages. It was a very painful walk back to the Trax station, even though I was wearing sandals. Yay for pregnant feet! And I'm glad it hasn't happened since then!