Thursday, March 31, 2011

Remy and Zoolander

Recently, Remy has learned how to cough on cue.  They are short little coughs, and he has been doing it ALL the time.  We were out shopping this weekend, when Remy started coughing again.  Ben and I started laughing, as we recalled the famous Black Lung scene from Zoolander.

Ben says, "I think I've got the black lung Pops," and Remy turns around and started laughing.  We started quoting other scenes, and he kept laughing with us.

We have to conclude that our son has a natural sense of humor.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six Months!

Remy is now six months!  And so much more cute, if that is possible.  At his six month checkup, he weighed in at 14 pounds, 14 ounces, and is 26 1/2 inches long.  He's definitely a long and lean baby, and growing like a weed.  He is wearing size 3 diapers, but his 3-6 month clothing I'm won't fit much longer.

Remy can now sit up by himself for short periods of time, and can roll back and forth from his belly to his back.  He hasn't quite gotten the hang of crawling yet, but that is coming.  Changing his diaper has become much more difficult ibecause he often tried to roll over mid-diaper change. We started to feed him solids, (see previous post), and that seems to be going well, but it is quite the adventure!   And since we started sleep training, he will sleep through the night about half of the week.  He will still wake up in the morning early to nurse, and I love these early morning cuddles. 

Remy sitting up by himself

Remy is quite the social bug!  He smiles at everyone, and will laugh at something when he thinks it's funny, which include a lot of sound effects.  He is even learning how to mimic them.  So far, he has mastered blowing raspberries and coughing.  He seems to be in a good mood ALL the time, and he loves playing Peek-a-Boo.  Often, he will start crying when he sees either me or Ben leave the room, and he loves to greet us with smiles when we return.

My handsome, smiley baby!

Remy loves bath time!

We recently added some foam letters to the tub at bathtime, and he loves grabbing these and putting them in his mouth.  In fact, he loves putting everything in his mouth.  I even caught a picture of him with the arm to one of his soft rattles in his mouth:

I know I sound crazy, but I can't wait until he starts crawling and getting into stuff.  I love to see him growing!

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Foods

Now that Remy is six months old, we've started him on solid foods.  Around the same time, Remy learned how to blow raspberries, which inevitably ends up looking something like this:

He hasn't quite got the hang of eating yet, and most of the time, he makes this incredibly disgusted face when trying out new foods: 

Right now, we just feed him in his Bumbo chair with a tray, but eventually we'll upgrade to a high chair.  His favorite food is green beans, (weird), but we'll see how he likes other foods as we add them to his diet.