Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I am a little late getting this up on my blog, but with our recent move (packing and unpacking) and then finding our camera cord, it's lucky that this post even makes it on my blog at all.

Awhile ago, I received some Salt Lake Bee's tickets from one of our vendors at work. We changed our trash services at one of the properties we manage, and they offered us tickets as part of their "Customer Appreciation" day. I asked for enough tickets so that Brynn, Clayton, and Dee could go and bring their significant other. However, they all had other plans so I had six extra tickets. Ben then invited one of his coworkers Ryan and his family.

We had a great time! We took Trax up to the Bee's stadium, which in and of itself is an adventure. Ryan and his family took the Front Runner down from Ogden, which proved to be a special treat for his kids.

And then there was the game itself! We only stayed for about half the innings, because Ben had to work early the next day (6:30 Preshift is a killer), but the Bee's were neck and neck with the Portland Beavers when we left. They ended up winning though! Way to go Bee's!

My only complaint? The weather was really rainy/muggy and that combined with me not drinking enough water, was enough to cause my feet to swell up like sausages. It was a very painful walk back to the Trax station, even though I was wearing sandals. Yay for pregnant feet! And I'm glad it hasn't happened since then!

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