Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Committed Relationship

A few months ago, my sister explained to us that she was in a committed relationship because she bought a fridge with her fiance when his fridge died. Ben and I started teasing her because although we had been married for three and a half years and are having a having a baby, we couldn't possibly be in a "committed relationship" because we hadn't bought any appliances together.

Well, all that has changed last week!! With our recent move, Ben and I decided to buy a washer and dryer for our new apartment. As it was an unforseen expense, we hedged on buying it until I realized that I did NOT want to be dealing with diaper explosions, projectile vomit, and other baby body fluids unless I was equipped with a washer and dryer. We started looking around at appliance stores, but finally we settled on purchasing them from the GE store online because Ben receives a discount through his work. Because of the discounted pricing, we decided to buy a chest freezer as well, as our small freezer space fills up rather quickly.

I ordered the appliances on Monday and the arrived on Thursday. The delivery men helped set them up, and I am in love (with the appliances that is)!! After years of doing our laundry in laundromats, and then having a furnished apartment with used appliances, I'm in heaven having my own washer and dryer. No longer does it take an hour and half to dry a load of clothes, nor do I have to worry about overburdening the washer. And our new freezer is HUGE!!! After a trip to Costco, to stock up on frozen items, we still have a vast amount of space.

Check out our Costco goodies: (notice the Mexican popsicles. Seriously, if you haven't tried them before, you are missing out!)

I mean...take a look at my beauties:

Although our new apartment needs some other items right now, I am putting off a case of the "I wants" so I can thoroughly enjoy my new appliances before we move onto our other purchases.

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  1. I love new appliances. A floor freezer would be awesome. You only have 2 weeks left! I hope it goes by quickly. Can't wait to see little Remington!