Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

During our Idaho vacation, we had time to celebrate my birthday and so we organized a little get together at my parents' house.  All of my siblings came over, as well as my grandfather, who is 94 years old.  He doesn't look it, does he?  The food was amazing because my parents put together a prime rib dinner.  We had a great time chatting, and just hanging out.

My prego sister Ashley and my grandfather

My brother Rob and his wife Nicole

Caitlan and Robert
Caitlan doing the "Awkward Turtle"

My nephew Steven showing off his muscles

Dad and mom

Grandpa Adamson

Four Generations of Adamsons
Grandpa, Steven, Brandon, and Dad

Robert and Brandon

The only picture with Ben and Remy

Then, it was time for the cake!  I picked out the Red Velvet cake from Costco, and it was delicious.  And even though I had 27 candles on my cake, I blew all my candles out with one breath! 


The best part of the night?  Besides great company, THE PRESENTS!!  My lovely husband gave me the Julia Child cookbooks I had been eyeing at Barnes and Noble.  Although I won't be cooking like in the film Julie and Julia, I am looking forward to venturing outside my cooking comfort zone.  I also received some money and a Barnes and Noble giftcard.  From my sister Ashely, I received the newest book in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series (which I finished reading during the trip).  I even received an Amazon gift certificate from Ben's parents, which happened to be the only gift I received on my actual birthday.   All in all, it was an amazing day! 

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  1. It is time I left a comment on your blog! I certainly hope that as you delve into the wonderful world of french cooking that you will keep me informed of your favorite fatty-goodness recipes. You know I love it!