Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Swing for the Hursts

For about a couple of weeks now, Ben and I have debated about getting a swing. Ben has really, REALLY wanted to get one for Remy, but I didn't want to because I didn't really feel like we needed one. So last week, I received a baby swing as a gift from my boss Dee. I knew Ben would be thrilled about the Remy's latest toy. And I was right! The assembly was the first thing Ben did after work! It was almost like watching a kid in the candy store, just to see him put it together.

And then Remy got to try it. He loves it as much as his daddy. Most of the time, he just sits there contently. If he fusses a little bit, he can easily be soothed by switch it from the swing to the cradle sway, or from the cradle sway to the swing. Remy has even fallen asleep in the swing a couple times.

I don't know why I was hesitant about getting the swing now. It definitely lets me do more stuff around the house, which is nice. The swing I guess is for all of us. Although, I think it might have served Dee as well because I am able to get more work done. Either way, I have an awesome boss!


  1. I hesitate on the swing, too. Some kids love 'em, some kids hate 'em. Glad to see that your little one loves it! And, just FYI--I have a friend whose babies slept in the swing for the first 6(ish) months because they just slept better there.

  2. That's how Ry was with the swing - so excited to put it together! Your little guy is adorable by the way!