Monday, October 4, 2010

My Obedient Son

So, I have discovered that little boys like to pee, not just in their diaper, but EVERYWHERE while you are changing them. Lately that has included on me and Ben, the blinds, the changing table, his diaper stacker, etc. The funniest story about it all involves my mother's visit after Remy was born. One day when she was she offered to change his diaper, but wanted my sister to bring all the changing stuff out to the couch so that she could change him there. This is how our conversation went down:

Me: Mom, Remy has peed while I have changed his diaper every single time today. I don't think the couch is a good idea.

My mom: It'll be fine, he's a good boy and hasn't yet peed on his Nana, and I have changed more diapers than you.

Me: Fine, but you're cleaning up the couch if he does. And I hope he pees on you.

My mom: You don't mean that.

Me: I actually kind of do.

My obedient son, evidenced in the wet spots on my mom's knees:

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