Monday, September 19, 2011

Remy's Progress Report

Can you believe Remy has turned one?  It's a little hard for us to take it in because it means our little boy is growing up.  See next post for birthday pictures.

Remy has been doing all sorts of fun things now.  He is walking now, but has not yet decided that it's his primary mode of transportation.  He is, however, getting much more confident  in his walking abilities.  He will even walk short distances by himself around the house.  We love playing outside where Remy can practice walking around and playing with other neighborhood children.  And he recently learned how to go down the slide by himself.

Sorry about the low-grade quality. 

Remy has also been great about eating adult food now.  We share our dinner with him, and for the most part he will eat it just fine.  He's had chocolate now, thanks to his birthday smash cake.  We are working on adding cow's milk to his diet now.

Remy is still a social creature.  He loves attention from everyone and plays coy.  This means that when someone says hi and smiles at him, he smiles back shyly, leaning his head to the side and putting it on Mom.  It's so adorable!  He is increasing his vocabulary and loves saying "oh" or "woh."  He has also learned how to cluck his tongue, which is pretty funny.  He also kind of hums and sings to himself when he's playing with his toys.

Remy has also started teething again.  This means that he is must more irritable lately, and now has little temper tantrums or meltdowns when he doesn't like something.  It's cute for about two seconds but that's it.  His legs go limp and he throws his head and body back, which has led to some bonks and bruises at our house.  He also has learned how to scream, which I wish he would unlearn.  Ah well, the good comes with the bad, right?

We still can't believe how big and strong he's getting!

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