Friday, January 14, 2011

4 months old

Remy is four months and growing up so fast, getting more handsome, if that is possible.  He has quite the personality, and can charm anyone, much like his daddy.  We went to the doctor last week, and he was so smiley and talkative during his visit, (up until he received his shots) our pediatrician asked if she could come home with us.  She gave us the go ahead to start solids, although I'm not entirely comfortable doing that just yet.  Remy is right on track with his growth, and he weighs in now at 12.5 pounds.  He wears size 2 diapers and recently graduated to his 3-6 month clothes.  That of course meant that Ben and I went on a shopping spree, and had a lot of fun picking out some new clothes for the little man. 

 One of Remy's new shirts: Dad thinks I'm Rad

Remy has an arsenal of new tricks up his sleeve now.  He loves to talk and to hear you talk to him.  He smiles much more and will often grace you with a laugh.  He LOVES all the attention we give him and just soaks it up, wanting more.  He has undergone a little bit a separation anxiety now that I have started working at the office part time, but he likes spending time with his dad.  He loves sounds we make like kissing noises, tongue-clucking, rolling the r's, and tongue-blowing.  He has recently discovered that blowing raspberries on his tummy is hilarious!!  He will sleep now most nights for six hours, which has been nice for Mom.

Grinnin in the Bumbo

Tummy time has become somewhat of an adventure.  It has become much more tolerable now that we have added some toys to the blanket, but once he's had enough, he'll roll over on his back to say he's had enough.  So now, we alternate between time on his tummy and his back as he practices reaching out and playing his toys.  He'll often look over to the side when he's on his back, but he hasn't quite gotten the hang of rolling from his back to his tummy.

Chilling on the couch with Dad

He has becomes increasingly aware of his surrounding, and the fact that his hands are more than things to suck on.  Breastfeeding has become a more tactile experience for him, in that he'll often reach for my face or grasp my clothes.  Sometimes, he'll just look at his hand as he moves it around.  And he'll often stop to smile and laugh at me.  He loves toys now, and will sit propped up, as he reaches out for them.  He does much better in the carseat if we put a toy in with him, and we've added toys to his swing tray which makes swinging much more fun.

Bundled Up with Dad to take out the trash

Remy's hair has also started to grow back in after I made him bald, although it is lighter than when he was first born.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it has some red in it, but we can only hope.  Otherwise, Remy looks very much like Ben, which is nice because I think they are both quite handsome!

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