Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three Months!

Remy hit his three month mark this week, and he is certainly growing up. He has gotten much better at holding his head up and can sit by himself on the couch (propped up of course). During his tummy time he can hold his head up for short bursts, and will switch his head from side to side. He also has started drooling and loves to put his hands in his mouth. Recently, his hands have "discovered" each other and he will hold them grasped together. He also has become much more aware of his surroundings, and will look intently at anyone or toys that are put in front of him. And now, he prefers to sit facing outward so he can see what is going on. Today, I put him in his Bumbo chair, and he does so well sitting by himself.

Remy in his Bumbo chair

Remy is much more social and will "talk" through his coos and cries. We have had a couple conversations with me asking questions and pausing long enough for him to answer back. Remy loves to smile now, and he is learning what to smile at. If I do something new, he won't know how to respond until I smile and laugh. Then he smiles and tries to laugh, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of laughing yet, so he'll give himself the hiccups instead.

He'll sleep some nights for six hours at a time, and those are my favorite.

We sure love the little guy and can't wait to see what new developments await next month. :)

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