Monday, May 23, 2011


On Saturday, we came back from our week long vacation in California.  We went to visit Ben's grandparents who live in Garden Valley.  It's a really small town up in the mountains of northern California, and you have to travel to get to almost anything.  It is beautiful up there though, and we had great company.

We were hoping for warm summer weather while we there, would have been a nice contrast from the rainy spring we've experienced in Utah this year.  We were disappointed however.  On Sunday, the day after we arrived, it snowed!  We did get two days of good weather, during which Ben and I took Remy to the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town (see next post).

One highlight of our trip was meeting Hannah, Remy's second cousin.  Ben's cousin Sarah is just 20 days older than Ben, and keeping with tradition, her daughter Hannah is six weeks older than Remy.  We took some pictures of them playing together.

Remy latched onto Hannah's purple rubber duck quickly.

Tired little man needs a nap after all the playing.

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