Friday, July 16, 2010

Phil and Teds Stroller

Ben and I have been in the process of purchasing baby items for the past two months. In the beginning, I didn't even want to think about all the things we would need to buy; it just seemed so overwhelming. Well, piece by piece, we have been adding to our baby collection. And my most recent addition is the Phil and Teds Sport Stroller.

I really wanted a jogging stroller that I could use to go walking, as well as for everyday pushing. The Phil and Teds stroller seemed like a perfect fit because while I enjoy walking and jogging, I don't run extensively, and I liked the inline style and double kit, so that I can continue using the stroller with my next baby.

The only deterrent for me was the hefty price, because looking at the Phil and Teds site and even, I did not want to go over budget on the stroller. I had looked online at and, but there were no Phil and Teds strollers for sale, so I decided to get the B.O.B. Revolution stroller because it was less expensive and a really good jogging stroller.

However, last week I found a Phil and Teds stroller for sale on KSL! I was ecstatic, so I called the woman that posted the ad, and I found out it was still for sale. It was even in Red, my favorite color. The woman lived up in Syracuse, so I asked her if I could see it and possibly purchase it the next day when I headed out of town for my baby shower. She agreed, and even marked the ad as SOLD, to deter other possible customers. A few hours before I was scheduled to leave work, however, I received a phone call from her and she let me know that although she had been holding the stroller for me, her husband sold it to someone else. I was so disappointed!

Imagine to my surprise when I found another Phil and Teds stroller for sale on KSL, the day after I got back from Idaho! It was a demo model that was pushed around in a baby store up in Ogden, and then were letting it go for less than it would cost to get it online. I called the store, and they agreed to hold it for me until the next day when I could get up there. The stroller came with the doubles kit, and was in Navy Blue, which I consider a gender neutral color. The next day I left work in the middle of the day to go purchase my stroller. I pushed it around the store, practiced folding it a few times, and then forked over the money! The only thing I wasn't happy about was paying sales tax, since I was purchasing it from a business. Even so, I am in love with the stroller and the company Phil and Teds now. There is actually a spring loose on the belly bar, which I noticed at the Ogden store. The lady helping me said that she would contact the company, and they would probably send me a replacement bar. Just a few hours later, I received a call from Phil and Teds, and they let me know that the problem was the spring, they would be sending me a new one which I could easily replace, and it would be arriving later in the week. How's that for Customer Service?

Now, I just need to get the rest of the Car Seat adapter for the stroller to go with the Chicco Key Fit 30 car seat I will be purchasing later this month. I really don't have much time left to go!

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